Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Le Blanc Brothers Cajun Band @ The Grandview Hotel, July 2010

On Saturday July 10th, Jess, Iona and I got down to the second set of the Le Blanc Brothers Cajun Band, hosted by the Melbourne Folk Club at West Brunswick's Grandview Hotel. It was great to step in from the chill luminous air of a Melbourne winter sunset to the belly-fire of the traditional Cajun music. I never imagined I'd hear a triangle played to such incredible effect; the music jaunty and melodic and quirky as hell. This particular line-up: Andrew Le Blanc (vocals and guitar) Geoff Le Blanc (accordion) Richard Klein (fiddle) Nicola Strating (triangle and fiddle) and Lachlan Dear (double bass) -- with guest Pete Fidler (lap steel) have been playing together since 2009, inspired by traditional southern Louisiana Cajun/dance music. Great to see this music alive in Melbourne. See above for footage of the song 'La Porte d'en Arriere' (The Back Door) And visit their myspace page here for more information. The Le Blanc Brothers Cajun Band are playing at the Lomond Hotel (East Brunswick) on Thursday, August 19th. Free entry.

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