Monday, July 5, 2010

A Visual History - Snapshots from the Big Beat Archives 1980s - 90s

A special thanks to Bill Martin (former editor and writer for Big Beat of the 50s) for the loan of his incredible array of old Big Beat magazines. Thanks also to the current editor, Peter Scanlon, for granting permission to reproduce images from earlier editions on this blog. It's been wonderful reading through the interviews, articles, columns and reviews from Melbourne's music scene in the 1980s and 1990s. So many of the contributors (and featured musicians) are still kicking on today: Andy Baylor, Rick Dempster, Warren Rough, a young Sarah Carroll, Victor O'Neil and many more. I hope readers of Melb Roots enjoy looking at these unique moments in our music history as much as I have. For the Australian Rock 'n' Roll Appreciation Society (home of Big Beat) click here. Hound Dogs Bop Shop opened in 1975 and is still one of Melb's best independent record stores for roots based music today. They are located at 313 Victoria Street, West Melbourne. (Ph: (03) 93295362)

Photo of the Rockabilly Rebels and Vic O'Neill from: Interview with Vic O'Neill "The Man with the Golden Voice"' (September 1986, Issue #48)

From "Rockin at the Bop Shop -- the tale of Hound Dogs" Photos by Brian Carr (Sep 1986, Issue #48)

The original line-up of the Crackajacks outside Hound Dogs Bop Shop (photo by Ian Lawson) December 1988 -- issue #57

The Paramount Trio's Warren Rough and Dave Hogan outside Hound Dogs (photo by Brian Carr) (September 1992, Issue #72)

Text below taken from an article by Warren Rough: "Rockin at the Bop Shop -- the tale of Hound Dogs" (Sep 1986, Issue #48)

Photo of the Paramount Trio from "Interview with Warren Rough" by Sarah Carroll (March 1992, Issue #70)

The Crackajacks recording at Preston Records (March 1989, Issue #58)

Photo of the original Crackajacks line-up from "Interview with Warren Rough" (March 1992, Issue #70)

Photo from "Rockin Melbourne: A series of photos by Brian Carr" (September 1992, Issue #72)

The Baylor Brothers (September 1991, Issue #68)

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  1. Man they were all good.
    I've got live recording of the Crakers, Rebels, Hot Dogs,Roadsters, Dancehalls from the pub gigs and they sound great today.